you have to have a title. So this is my title.

2 years ago

Freaking. The Fuck. Out.

Living in the ghetto + being home alone + power outages = SCARIEST 30 MINUTES OF MY LIFE.
I was sitting in my room when the lights started flickering and then they just went off.  I heard some noises coming from outside my bedroom window (like footsteps, I swear) so I lit candles and moved to the living room but then Dalton started barking which did NOT help.  I called the TXU power outage number and the first time I called it failed so I called again and in the middle of the phone call it came back on.
So even though the power is back on, I am way too scared to move from this couch. 

2 years ago

Feeling sorry for myself.

Both my roommates are coupled off in their rooms (yay for being the only single, lonely roommate. I hate this SO much) and I’m in the dining room all by myself, working on a puzzle, and laughing HYSTERICALLY at my puppy sprinting around the table for no reason. Wish I had someone to laugh with.